Voi electric scooters in Stockholm

(Updated on August 21th, 2020) Stockholm has seen multiple transport companies that exercise a sharing economy business model (Sunfleet, Car2Go, DriveNow, oBike, EU bike…). Back in September 2018 a new player emerged – Voi – and started a new wave with their electric scooters (or kick bikes).  At the time the service was started, the… Continue reading Voi electric scooters in Stockholm

Did a smartwatch improve my life? No, it didn’t.

I am aware that there are spoilers in the title, but this is my small contribution to a click-bait-free world. When smartwatches came about some six years ago, I saw no practical use for them, and considered them to be to a large extent useless gimmicks. But roughly a year ago, thinking that their infancy period… Continue reading Did a smartwatch improve my life? No, it didn’t.